Azure Managed Disk VS AWS EBS

April 24, 2017 at 1:36 pm Leave a comment

Recently Microsoft has added Managed Disk services to Azure Services which is a kind of reduced version as compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Block Store.

Some of the current limitations of Azure Managed Disk Service are

  1. Dependency on port 8443. Provisioning a VM with extensions will fail without the availability of this port. Also, the deployment status of an extension will be unknown if it is installed on a running VM. If you cannot unblock port 8443, you must use unmanaged disks
  2. Un-availability of incremental Snapshots. That means you are forced to take full disk copy, which means additional cost and more time to complete the copy.

Apart from these limitation below is the differential matrix between two

Feature AWS EBS Azure Managed Disk
Backup Implicit Via Azure Backup Service
Availability Auto HA across Availability Zones Auto HA within the region
Scalability Elastic Scaling limited to Storage Type gp2, io1, st1, sc1 Fixed Size. Add another disk to meet additional storage requirements.
Pricing Depends on storage type, size, & IOPS Depends on Disk Type and size.
IOPS Configurable for magnetic and io1 volume types Fixed
Encryption Via AWS Key Management Service Azure Storage Service Encryption & BitLocker
Access Via AWS Identity And Access Management Azure Role Based Access Control Service
Snapshot Both full and incremental Only full backup

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